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Full length version

France (2000)
55 min – HD


A film by  Fabrizio Scapin
Production assistent : Patrizia Monzani
Editing : Nicolas Dèfossè
Images : Fabrizio Scapin et Andrea Calderini
Sound Mix : Nicolas Joli
Romanian translator : Cristina Vasile
Producer : Dominique Beloir – Mirage Illimitè


Subtitles : english

This is the land of the Maramures, an ancient people which has managed to preserve its identity through the ages, whilst integrating certain outside elements from numerous invaders…

  • Award (ex – aequo) at Festival  Libero Bizzarri (2001),
  • Mention at Maremma Doc Festival (2001)
  • Trieste Film Festival (2001)
  • Torino Film Festival (2000)
  • Astra Film Festival – Romania.


Award at Documentary Festival Bizzarri, Mention at Maremma Doc Festival